Points to consider before upgrading the suspension of your used car

May 23, 2021 2 min read
Points to consider before upgrading the suspension of your used car

When it comes to modifying a car, there's little that does as much as a proper set of new suspension. Here are some points to consider before upgrading the suspension of your used car.

Suspension, as a term suggest, generally bounds springs, shock absorbers, dampers, linkages, and even the wheels/tires. As a whole, those parts or components are tasked along working together to provide two main services to the car, that include a smooth ride and keeping the tires in constant, even contact with the road. The reason why cars employ this extensive system is pretty clear.


The first thing to consider is your budget for the upgradation. On a popular car for tuning, explore for lowering your car can yield results from lowering springs for as little as a couple hundred dollars to race-spec or airbag suspensions that might cost many thousands.  


The goal of your project can guide you about every component you choose for a suspension upgrade. Think about what you’re trying to accomplish and search the parts and installation methods that you’ll need to get there. Ensure that you’re looking at all the parts that will make the suspension upgrade a success. These can be such as large tires for off-road builds and skid plates, bodywork to accommodate the car’s altered ride height, and might include airbags or another type of adjustable suspension.


Before pulling out your stock suspension, you should know that an aftermarket suspension will definitely require some sacrifices. Working to improve one area of your suspension of vehicle and performance almost always leads to a replace in performance elsewhere. When modifying your vehicle, trade-offs are a fact of life. Therefore, it’s necessary to understand what you’ll be giving up to achieve your suspension goals. Giving it stiffer suspension or lowering a car components can improve handling and cornering abilities, but you’ll likely give up ride quality and the ability to cruise mindlessly through parking lots and potholed streets. Make sure that you are purchasing a quality products and installed it correctly.

Skill level

This goes with your budget, as your skill level in doing the work yourself will explain a large part of the costs connected with suspension project. Further, choosing complex suspension will require a system of knowledge from you to adjust and set up properly, therefore it’s important to be aware of your comfort level with wrenching before stepping into a project.

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