Planning to buy a new car? Follow these 5 easy steps

Jun 16, 2022 1 min read

ACKO Drive is an online buying platform that offers several attractive deals on new car purchases. We are pleased to announce that CarInfo has entered into a partnership with ACKO Drive to give you best offers and deals to the customers.

Here are some additional discounts offered by ACKO Drive:

Car Dealer-ship Price Acko-drive price
ALTO ₹ 3,74,744 ₹ 3,65,999
BALENO ₹ 7,33,945 ₹ 7,20,575
CITY ₹ 13,33,193 ₹ 12,86,229
SWIFT ₹ 6,49,740 ₹ 6,27,119

Why should you buy car from ACKO Drive?

  1. Best price guarantee - In case you a find a better deal elsewhere, ACKO Drive will match your price and give an additional discount.
  2. No cancellation fee - Send cancellation request without any extra charges.
  3. Free driver assistance - While taking new car home, ACKO Drive will help you out.
  4. Avail car loan - ACKO Drive helps you in availing car loan approval by partner banks.

Steps to purchase car from Acko Drive:

  1. Visit the ACKO Drive website and register yourself with mobile number.
  2. Click on "Get This Deal" against your favorite car. Have a look at the discount details.
  3. Pay the booking amount by clicking on "Book now".
  4. After booking, Relationship Manager will contact you to help with vehicle delivery and documentation.
  5. Pay the remaining amount to the dealer before the delivery of car.

Click to buy :

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