Domino's to roll out electric pizza delivery in US

Nov 23, 2022 1 min read
Domino's to roll out electric pizza delivery in US

Domino's has been delivering pizza to homes around the world since 1960. They usually uses motorcycle for this job. But now, the company has decided to go all-electric by adding more than 800 Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles. Over 100 Bolt EVs will arrive at its selective franchise, and the remaining 700 by the end of 2023.

Once all the 855 Bolts are in service, it will have the largest electric pizza delivery service fleet in US.

The company chose Bolt EVs for its fleet as it has advanced safety features, zero emission drive, and lower maintainance cost.

Also, it will attract delivery drivers who don't have their vehicles of their own. This will also save the company fom fuel expenses. It comes with a range of 417 km on a single charge.

Amazon too have a goal to achieving net zero carbon emission by 2040, just like domino's.

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