Pay ₹ 5,500 challan if you are not following this rule

Apr 16, 2021 2 min read
Pay ₹ 5,500 challan if you are not following this rule

District authorities of Gautam Budh Nagar have announced a challan of Rs 5,500 after 15 April 2021 for vehicles running without HSRPs.

If you are a vehicle owner and live in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida then it is in your favour to install High Security Number Plate (HSRP) in your car or two-wheeler if you haven't done yet. The final deadline of installing an HSRP was April 15 2021 in Noida-Ghaziabad. After this date, if you are found driving your vehicle without HSRP, you will be slapped with a challan of Rs 5,500.

In January, the UP Government directed all vehicles running inside NCR need to install HSRPs by 15 April. However, the timeline for vehicle owners of other districts in UP are different. India's largest state has around 3.28 crore registered vehicles and the government has set a deadline of July 2022 to equip all the vehicles with HSRP.

HSRPs not installed in all vehicles in Noida

As per the reports, the district administration of Gautam Budh Nagar has revealed that not even 50 per cent of the vehicles have installed HSRP yet. Around 7.5 lakh vehicles are registered in the district and around 2.5 lakh vehicles are registered in the other district. This means, around 1 million vehicles are plying on the road.

Vehicle owners in Gautam Budh Nagar are not yet serious about installing HSRP in their vehicles. Hence, to enforce the rule strictly, district administration has announced a challan of Rs 5,500 for motor vehicles plying on roads without HSRP after April 15.

What is HSRP?

HSRP is a chrome-based hologram embedded by hot stamping on the vehicle RTO registration plates both at the back and front of the vehicle. It is done along with laser-branding of the permanent identification number.

The hologram is like a sticker with the automobile's engine and VIN. It is also known as the chassis number. The number of embedded through a pressure machine with paint sans sticker.

HSRP is designed for the convenience and security of the vehicle. Once you get the number plate installed, it can't be removed easily. There is also pin on the plate that is attached to your car or bike. Once the pin catches the number plate from the vehicle, it locks on both the sides and nobody can open it.

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