OnePlus has registered trademark in India for electric cycles, scooters, and cars

Nov 1, 2021 1 min read
OnePlus has registered trademark in India for electric cycles, scooters, and cars

The EV revolution has opened up new opportunities for companies worldwide. Numerous brands from other industries have either entered or are considering entering the electric mobility. Realme, a smartphone company, recently acquired trademarks to enter India's automotive sector.

Following Realme's footsteps, another Chinese technology giant is considering an entry into the EV revolution. OnePlus, one of the world's most popular and sought-after premium smartphone companies has registered trademarks in India's automotive category. Interestingly, BBK Electronics is the parent company of both the Chinese brands Realme and OnePlus.

Warp Car by OnePlus

OnePlus has been working on entering the automotive industry for a long time. In 2019, the company announced the Warp Car - electric supercar.

The Warp Car's most intriguing feature is that it lacks a steering wheel and operates via smartphone.

The electric car can, according to OnePlus, drive using swiping gestures. Swipe left to move left, right to go right, up to advance, and down to reverse.

The Warp Car uses 6T-K Technology, which means it requires a OnePlus 6T to operate. While powertrain specifications are not revealed, OnePlus claims a fantastic 0-100 kmph performance under 3.0 seconds. Additionally, it has an excellent range of 467 kilometers on a single charge.

Inside the car, there is a driver-focused cockpit made of tinted carbon fiber and Morandi Gray leather. Additionally, after 20 minutes of charge, the car goes almost 435km. Although details are a few at the moment, it is unclear whether OnePlus is taking this project seriously.

OnePlus's electric two-wheeler in India

We believe that OnePlus will enter the Indian EV market with a two-wheeler rather than an autonomous supercar equipped with the latest autonomous technology.

However, facts are few, and the Chinese company has made no official statements yet.

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