Nissan Magnite 1.0 B4D review - now more affordable

Dec 19, 2021 4 min read
Nissan Magnite 1.0 B4D review - now more affordable

Nissan launched its much-anticipated B-segment SUV "Magnite" in India last year. The vehicle has both normally aspirated and turbocharged petrol engines. The SUV is available in four trim levels and a variety of options. It comes equipped with two petrol engines and two transmission options. Nissan had an extremely positive response to the product after its launch. Now, Nissan has launched the more affordable version of Magnite with a 1.0 liter naturally aspirated engine option.

Engine and performance

The engine is the most noticeable difference from the original Magnite. The B4D engine is a 1.0-liter three-cylinder NA petrol engine. Compared to the turbo-petrol engine, it offers only 72 hp and 96 Nm less torque. On the other hand, Nissan deserves praise for making the Magnite 1.0 seem exceptionally smooth when accelerating from a stop and delivering power smoothly.

Even at full power and torque, this engine isn't the most powerful available. Mid-range sluggishness requires hard gearbox work to get the most out of the Magnite's engine performance.

Additionally, it has little effect when over-revved the engine, resulting in much noise but little progress. However, if you keep inside the engine's comfort zone, you will realize enough performance to get you through your daily commute.

Ride and handling

The Magnite rides like the turbo-petrol model. However, the ride is fairly stable and works well at high speeds because it smooths out almost all of the irregularities that come its way while remaining fairly steady.

On the other hand, the ride is a touch rough at lower speeds because of the underlying stiffness, and bigger potholes occasionally appear. When driving on bumpy roads or in bad weather, you'll notice the suspension is hard at work. The suspension creates the false impression of being less durable than it is. Another significant advantage of the relatively stiff setup is the control. Keeping a low body roll, it thrives on curving roads and in confined areas. Steering is light and smooth at all speeds, even at low speeds, and there is little to no sensation.

Interior and exterior

Nissan has designed both Magnite models to be extremely similar in design, with the only visible difference being their badges. It is especially advantageous given that the Magnite's look stylish and well-stacked.

Daytime running lights in the "L" form and the hexagonal grille give the car its distinctive and instantly recognizable look. There is visible cladding surrounding the wheel arches on the Magnite, which includes sharp creases.

The vehicle's rear end is stylish. The cabin has some nice design details, like climate control displays cleverly integrated into the rotary adjustment dials, the hexagonal air conditioning vents that appear like they are in a Lamborghini, the digital instrument cluster on the center stack, and the free-standing 8.0-inch infotainment screen.

It has many useful features like automated climate control, a 360-degree camera, keyless entry and start, and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

Additionally, the cabin features several helpful storage compartments, including a huge glovebox and many cup holders, albeit the fixed front center armrest makes room for another storage compartment.

Additionally, the dash and center console lowered for a car of this size, producing a fantastic sense of interior space.

The Magnite lacks in one area: material quality. While they are often acceptable for the price, competitors in the business are more attractive and more solidly constructed.

The bare steering rack in the driver's footwell, for example, impairs the overall high quality. However, the denim-like fabric used on the different elbow rests throughout the cabin offers a luxurious touch to an otherwise drab and uninspired interior.

The front seats offer a fair view and are well padded, providing a reasonable level of support and comfort. The rear seats are rather comfortable, with enough legroom and ample under-thigh assistance.

Cabin comfort

Magnite's true power lies in its amenities. Although it isn't the tallest or the longest, it elevates the passenger with a raised seating posture. It's easy to see the road ahead and the surrounding area from the rear seat of the vehicle. Any vehicle attempting to classify as an SUV should have to offer in terms of sitting comfort.

The rear seats provide a good amount of legroom, knee room, and under-thigh support, making them ideal for long road trips. Despite the slightly tapered look of the roof from the outside, the headroom is ample. When rolled down the middle armrest, it provides a comfortable place to sit for lengthy drives.

In the center console, there's enough room for wallets, smartphones, and sunglasses. There is a notable change between the aircon vents and those of its rivals, but the rotary dials to control the air conditioning are large and easy to use, and the display on them is neatly put.

In addition to the denim trim on the doors, additional cladding here promises a reassuring sound of a 'thud' when these doors close. The cladding also helps to reduce NVH levels.

There is much hard plastic in Magnite, particularly on the dashboard and below the window line, and more lavishly used in the Magnite.

However, there are no complaints about the cabin's storage space. It's impossible to fault the glovebox, for example, because it holds a massive 10 liters of items. In addition to vehicle documents and other paraphernalia, it has the largest glovebox of any car in its class and can even fit small bottles. Bottle holders on the side doors and under the armrest are also decently sized.

Final verdict

The Magnite 1.0 B4D's low pricing is one of its most appealing features. From Rs 5.71 lakh for the entry-level XE trim to Rs 7.85 lakh for the top-of-the-line XV Premium trim, this version of the Magnite offers outstanding value.

There are few hatchbacks or compact SUVs that offer this number of features and space for the price, let alone compact SUVs. On the other side, this normally aspirated engine struggles to deliver consistent performance.

While this is not a significant factor when buying a regular commuter car for city use, it is a factor when buying an SUV for longer journeys. The lack of an automatic transmission severely restricts this engine's utility as a city commuter. However, if the price is the primary consideration, the Magnite B4D is challenging to beat.

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