New Y-type of seatbelt for rear car passengers will become mandatory in India

Feb 12, 2022 1 min read
New Y-type of seatbelt for rear car passengers will become mandatory in India

The Transport Ministry of the Indian Government will being a new proposal to make the three-point seatbelt for the middle passenger in the rear seat mandatory in India.

As of now, the middle seat in the rear seat has an aircraft-type seatbelt which will be replaced by a new compulsory feature just like the front and rear window seats.

Avoid wearing the seatbelts is a punishable offense. But, the majority of the parts of India are not following the rules strictly. Therefore, the transport ministry is working on a draft bill which will be out for suggestions of the public within a month. Based upon the feedback, a three-point seat belt for the middle passenger will become a mandatory feature.

As per an official, this initiative is for increasing the standards of safety ratings of passenger cars that are manufactured in India. Currently, only some premium cars has this feature.

These aircraft-type seatbelts don't offer only high protection levels but also three-point seatbelts in case of a crash.

It is the second big made by Indian Transport Ministry after making six airbags compulsory. But, the effects of six airbags in a crash will be possible only if the rear seat passengers are also wearing seat belts.

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