New Renault Duster is coming to India and is under work

Mar 11, 2022 2 min read
New Renault Duster is coming to India and is under work

Midsize monocoque SUV trend began in India due to the Renault Duster. Unfortunately, Renault failed to properly replace or evolve the Duster, enabling competitors to dominate the market. It might change if the brand's intentions to bring the next-generation Duster become a reality. Not only will the Renault Duster be new, but it will be built on the CMF-B platform.

The next-gen Renault Duster is all-new

After almost a decade, the famous Duster phased out of production in our country, but Renault India is not done with the sub-brand. Insiders say the new Duster will have a high price-to-feature ratio, cutting-edge styling, and enough modern tech to compete. Unlike the previous car, based on the B-Zero platform, used to underpin various models, including the Logan, Lodgy, and Captur, the new one built on an entirely new platform that has nothing in connection with the original.

CMF-B platform

The new Renault Duster is on the CMF-B platform known as the CMF-B LS. The LS variant of Volkswagen's MQB A0-IN platform, which underpins the Slavia, Taigun, Kushaq, and Virtus, is more affordable and better suited to changing market conditions. Like VW's India platform, this will optimize by adding and removing tech as needed. With hybrid powertrains, the Duster will have the efficiency of a diesel, something Renault doesn't have since it stopped making them in India a few years ago.

Iconic Duster traits

Unlike the earlier Duster, the new SUV is likely to have its character. The enormous flared wheel arches, squared-off fenders, integrated headlight and grille, and that much-loved roader-like stance are all likely to return. Because the earlier Dusters sold in India was just a small percentage of 4X4, Renault India would likely evaluate the cost-benefit of bringing the 4X4 system.

A lot hinges on it

While the new Duster plan is not approved for India and a decision on whether to proceed is pending, company insiders confirm the SUV is actively evaluated for launch in the country. Last year, Renault did well in India. It sold about 100,000 cars here, and it is now the leading European carmaker in India.

Engine specs

The new Renault Duster may come with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Some markets will get an all-electric version of the SUV, and Indian models would likely have a turbocharged petrol engine and mild hybrid system. Our market may get a plug-in hybrid model. The business is also building a production version of the Bigster SUV, likely to debut in 2025.

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