New Renault cars will not exceed 180 km/hr

Nov 24, 2021 1 min read
New Renault cars will not exceed 180 km/hr

Recently, Renault has announced that they will limit the top speed of all their upcoming vehicles to 180 km/h. All the future cars including Dacia, in the global market will have a maximum speed limit of 180 km/h.

The move is similar to the Volvo, which announced a similar plan for its future cars and it started coming up with the new speed limit.

This is done to ensure better and safer roads. Renault has also announced new safety feature in tech cars. One of them is Safety Couch who to inform the data about possible risks on their route. It'll give real-time warnings.

Renault will also provide the new ‘Safe Guardian’ tech. In case of a clear and present danger, it will automatically activate. The system will take over the car and will return the car to a safe driving mode. The company has not explained the technology but this system may utilize autonomous driving technologies in its car.

Renault cars will be equipped with sensors that would analyze driving data and will provide drivers with safety score, to aid and promote safer driving practices among the drivers. Also, to make it convenient, Renault will put a QR code on its vehicles. It will provide all necessary information related to vehicles to help commuters to rescue time.

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