New Kia logo causes confusion, people googled KN instead

Nov 23, 2022 1 min read
New Kia logo causes confusion, people googled KN instead

Kia revamped its logo in 2021, but it confused many people as many consumers started searching for "KN" instead of "KIA" on Google. This confusion seems persisting, as around 30,000 actively searching with wrong name.

Therefore, a twitter user noticed google searches "KN car" have increased significantly since last year, at a time when new logo launched.

The user also wrote that it caused confusion among people which causes wrong searches on Google. Reddit has also shown a picture of Kia Carnival with caption "KN car model"

The Google trend shows that this confusion is among people of Australia, Canada, US, and UK, who are searching for KN car price, KN SUV, what is KN car brand, KN carnival brand, etc.

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