Never lose your car or bike keys with Apple AirTag

Apr 27, 2021 1 min read
Never lose your car or bike keys with Apple AirTag


We often tend to lose our car or bike keys. We just leave it at a random place and tend to forget later. What follows it is chaos! We turn around the entire house to search the keys. If you are the one who is not good with keeping keys at their place then Apple can help you.

Apple has recently launched Bluetooth-enabled device that will be known as AirTag. It is small enough to be kept comfortably in a wallet. You can also dangle it easily to your keychain. Unlike other Apple devices, it will not cost a bomb. It is priced at$29 and can be a boon for vehicle owners who lose their keys more than often.

Apple AirTag will come powered by a standard battery that will not run out for a year. You can pair the device with your Apple device via Bluetooth. However, being connected to Bluetooth the device would work only when it is around your phone's Bluetooth bandwidth.

AirTag will also support Apple's Find My network. It means, a Bluetooth enabled Apple device located near the AirTag will detect it easily and send an encrypted signal to the network that only owner can access. It is the same setup that Apple leverages to locate lost devices.

You can use this device to find keys, however, it may not be a reliable tracking solution as of now. Apple claims that AirTags are designed to identify when they are in a constant range of device not paired with. After a few minutes, the AirTag will send the notification to a nearby device. And if the connection stays for a longer period of time, AirTag will emit noise.

While it is not the perfect solution, it surely can help people who tend to lose their keys within homes or offices.

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