Audi R8 supercar once owned by Virat Kohli now abandoned in junk

Jul 2, 2021 1 min read
Audi R8 supercar once owned by Virat Kohli now abandoned in junk

Read on to find out more about why the supercar Audi R8 is spotted lying in a layer of dust and dirt in a remote part of Maharashtra.

Team India Cricket skipper Virat Kohli is also an automobile enthusiast. He also the brand ambassador for Audi India. And his garage is full of performance and luxury cars. Well, he keeps on getting new cars and upgraded models of the old cars.

Kohli has been known to purchase almost every car that has been launched by Audi India. He also became the owner of Audi R8 immediately after its launch.

The older R8 was the first Audi that Virat owned way back in 2012. As per records, Virat sold the car to a person named Sagar Thakkar in 2016 via broker. Sagar Thakkar was later reported as a criminal and was involved in a mega scam too. Also, he was known as ‘Shaggy’ got the car for his girlfriend.

He was arrested by Mumbai Police after he went into hiding after the call center scam came into the picture. Police took strict actions and also seized all his assets, including all his properties and cars. According to the police, Sagar paid a handsome amount of Rs 2.5 crore to Virat Kohli to get this car from him.

They parked the car at a Mumbai Police impound ground, after Mumbai Police seized the Audi R8 from the Sagar Thakkar. Reportedly, the Audi R8 was damaged completely and was even found floating in the water, during the floods. That's why the new pictures of the vehicle show it in the worst possible condition.

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