Motorbike towed along with its rider in Pune

Aug 21, 2021 1 min read
Motorbike towed along with its rider in Pune

How far can you go to prevent your vehicle from being towed from the no-parking zone? This Pune biker went to the extreme.

Daily, we come across strange things online. The most recent picture is of a motorbike pulled in Pune with its rider. For obvious reasons, the image has now gone viral on social media.

The incident occurred on Thursday evening in the Nanapeth area of Pune, when a Samarth traffic branch police officer and contract workers lifted the motorbike using a pulley belt connected to a towing van, according to Rahul Shrirame, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic).

A picture of a motorbike towed in Pune went popular on social media, earning the traffic police some criticism from netizens. Even then, a senior officer stated that the guy got on his two-wheeler after they began clearing it from a no-parking zone.

"When the rider came, the motorcycle was almost raised and he climbed to stop the tow, refusing to leave with a lot of police requests. Together with the rider, the motorbike was put on the van carriage when he refused to relent, "Shrirame said.

The motorcycle rider apologized and paid a fine, while the contract staff and the traffic cop on the team were punished, with the latter sent to the control room, according to the DCP.

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