Most useless features in cars to attract buyers

Jan 14, 2022 2 min read
Most useless features in cars to attract buyers

Cars have gotten much more comfortable and powerful to drive due to advancements in automotive technology. Some of the recent advancements include 360-degree parking cameras and emergency brake assist. However certain new age features have been added for no practical reason. Let’s take a look at such useless car features that manufacturers should eliminate from their cars.

Fake plastic roof rails

They are for cars that need to carry a large payload. However, some carmakers have inserted fake plastic ones to give the car a more aggressive look. These fake roof rails are of no use and act as a useless car accessory. At least not for those cars that have single-sheet metal roofs and cannot even withstand a hailstorm.

Paddle shifters

Paddle shifters are ideal for high-performance machines as they let the driver change gears quickly without taking their hands off the steering. It comes in handy when cutting up a racetrack in a McLaren 720S or Ferrari 488, and they are far less beneficial in your Toyota Camry car or crossover SUVs.

Third-row seats in compact crossover SUVs

Compact crossover SUVs are a growing segment of the car industry. Consequently, a few companies have added a third row to set themselves apart from their competitors. However, third-row seats are mostly useless, such as those seen in Volkswagen Tiguan's second generation, and they are so small that only small children can fit. You need to move the second row forward, compromising the passengers’ comfort to get some space in the third row.

Social media integration

In recent years, social media use has grown. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have become vital for communication. Now, carmakers are using social media integration to promote their infotainment system. However, do we require Twitter while driving along the highway? No.

Voice control

For the better part of two decades, mainstream cars have had voice recognition. Generally, speech recognition technologies have been mostly useless. They are difficult to use and cannot understand you. They have improved much in recent years, but they are still not great.

Daytime running lights (DRLs)

For safety reasons, DRLs are mandated in Scandinavian nations because it is often dark during the daylight hours. However, in our sunny nation, this is not only a useless but also an unpleasant feature to put on your car unless you appreciate the attention of bystanders, passing cars, and the public notifying you to know that your headlight is on.

Sunglass holder

If you want to use this function in your car, it would be wise to buy a pair of sunglasses that fit the holder. Most holders will not fit larger sunglasses, and perhaps you could put other things in there.

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