Monsoon Care Tips For Your Car

Oct 9, 2020 2 min read
Monsoon Care Tips For Your Car

Monsoon Car Care is very necessary as you cannot let the acidic rainwater harm your precious paint or spoil your interior with an unpleasant feeling. Learn some amazing tips with which you can give the desired care to your car.

The monsoons are right around the corner, and as we prepare ourselves for the rainy season by bringing umbrellas out from storage, purchasing raincoats, etc. We must prepare our cars as well. Several steps and measures that can be taken before the onset of the rainy season, to ensure a trouble-free experience.

Here are some tips that should be looked into to ready your car for the monsoon:

Change the Wipers

Wiper blades tend to wear out quite fast. Do get the wiper blades checked/changed before the monsoons begin. Also, do check the wipers for proper functioning at all speeds. Keep the wiper washer bottle topped up and if you want you can add a mild detergent to keep the windshield glass clean.

Don’t use a cover

Although the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your car parked out in the rain is to cover it, you should do quite the opposite. Using a cover to protect your car from the rain is a massive mistake. While a cover can keep rain-water and dirt off your car successfully, it is known to stick to the clear coat of paint when the sun dries it out.

Avoid using the hazard lights

The hazard lights are extremely important as they let other vehicles around you know where you are. However, you should avoid using the hazard lights when you drive around normally in the rain. This could become increasingly dangerous for you and the vehicles around you.

Dry off your material

Interiors of the car take the worse hit during the monsoon season. Wet shoes and interior lead to fungal bloom and odour in the car. The best way to stop this is to keep a newspaper on foot mats. It quickly absorbs water and can be easily thrown off in the nearest dustbin.

Look for water leaks

Rubber seals are important to prevent water from getting into your vehicle. So, always check all the rubber seals of your automobile. It is also a great way to prevent corrosion.  You should look out for drain holes in your trunk and hood and check that they are not clogged.

Check car’s battery life

If you live in an area that receives rainfall every now and then, it will decrease the life of your auto battery. Normally, it will decrease it to 1 to 2 years. So make sure to take good care of your battery. If required, replace it with the new one because batteries tend to get damaged under wet conditions.

Always keep an emergency car kit

Normally it is best to stay indoors during monsoon. However, sometimes you may need to leave the house during the monsoon weather. In such situations, it is best to have an emergency car kit in the automobile.

These above-mentioned monsoon car care tips and driving tips will do just that, and help keep your car looking and performing as good as new.

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