MBA student caught stealing car in Connaught Place

Aug 9, 2021 1 min read
MBA student caught stealing car in Connaught Place

To lead a rich lifestyle, an MBA student was caught stealing car from Connaught Place, New Delhi.

Police arrested a 22- years MBA student studying in a private university in Noida for allegedly stealing a car from the parking area of Connaught Place.

As per the New Delhi District Commissioner, Deepak Yadav lived in the Railway Colony in Basant Road and he is a first-year student of MBA. His father works with Indian Railway. According to Deepak Yadav, he wanted a rich lifestyle, and hence, he started stealing the cars by posing as the owner of the car.

On 28 July, Hyundai Creta owner Jitesh informed the police that he parked his car at K-block parking.  After finishing his work when he went to take his car from the parking lot, the parking attendant said that they already handed over the car to someone else. The person who took the car gave the excuse that the parking receipt was misplaced.

After that Police formed several teams and ordered CCTV cameras to be checked. A team described the modus-operandi to the parking attendant.

Deepak Yadav came again for stealing a car on 5 August at the H-Block parking lot. He again gave the same excuse that he misplaced his parking receipt, but this time parking attendant informed the police team. After seeing the police Yadav ran and tried to escape but he was caught by police.

In police custody, Yadav said that on July 28 he had stolen the Hyundai Creta and parked it in Doctor Lane at the Railway Colony. Delhi Court has sent him in judicial custody for 14 days.

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