Maruti Suzuki will launch electric car after 2025

Nov 1, 2021 1 min read
Maruti Suzuki will launch electric car after 2025

As per Maruti Suzuki Chairman RC Bhargava, current low demand for electric vehicles and Maruti Suzuki's target of selling about 10,000 units per month when it enters the electric mobility industry, the electric vehicle debut will happen after 2025.

A virtual conference on the company's second-quarter profitability was the perfect opportunity for him to discuss the EV ecosystem's current situation. Third parties handles charging infrastructure, batteries, and power supply. Hence, the cost is not in the company's hands.

Additionally, as fuel costs continue to rise, car market leader Maruti Suzuki India will focus more on CNG variants of its models.

"We won't be happy even if we sell 300, 400, 500, or 1,000 cars a month. We've increased our volume too much for some reason, and while levels in the hundreds and even thousands are excellent, they leave us a bit dissatisfied. Therefore, we must wait and watch whether I begin selling EVs. I want to sell 10,000 electric cars per month," Bhargava stated.

On the subject of increased Indian demand for electric vehicles, he responded to its position in this market segment, especially with competitors like Tata Motors having good sales for their EVs.

"Does selling less than 1 million cars each year make sense if I sell 2 million?" he said.

"I need a car that will sell better; the product should create more interest. All-new Maruti models have been in high demand since their introduction "Bhargava Stated.

He added that it has not given up on plans, but the company's parent Suzuki Motor Corporation would decide on the timing of electric mobility in India.

When asked when Maruti Suzuki may debut an electric vehicle, he replied, "it would be beyond 2025."

Bhargava stated that introducing an EV would be dependent on market circumstances, adding that it is impossible to forecast the pricing of electric cars, batteries, and how the infrastructure created at the moment, added that "the costing is completely out of our hands."

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