Maruti is bringing a big change

Jun 16, 2022 1 min read
Maruti is bringing a big change

Maruti has always remained on top and needs no special attention. However, it is bringing a big change to its new car. It does not realize this and is reinventing itself with its upcoming products. Today, we'll discuss how Maruti is bringing a big change to its new car.

More features

Maruti is the one manufacturer that does not have fancy features. But the recent cars added segment-first features like 360-degree camera and heads-up display. It has also given ventilated seats to the XL6. Brezza, one of the big launch is coming with a sunroof, a feature that has avoided for many years.


Safety was never been the strongest point of Maruti since the brand exchanged safety ratings with high fuel-efficiency. However, the Maruti has started focusing on safety features as well. Upcoming Brezza has already gained a 5-star crash test rating by GNCAP itself. We also expect a high safety in all future cars.

New designs

Maruti is focusing on new design philosophy to attract young generation. They will appreciate the sporty and sharp look. The new design is now Maruti's new priority.

Enhanced fuel efficiency

The brand is now looking to improve fuel-efficiency. It is also dabbling into CNG and hybrid technology to improve further. It is already working with Toyota to have a strong hybrid setup to its upcoming mid-size SUV.

Maruti is definitely on something to bring change on how people look at their cars.

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