Maruti Fronx: Safety Ratings, Pricing, and Specifications

Apr 29, 2024 4 min read
Maruti Fronx: Safety Ratings, Pricing, and Specifications

When it comes to buying a new car, factors like safety, affordability, and technical specs are top priorities for most consumers. The Maruti Fronx, Maruti Suzuki’s latest venture into the mid-size SUV market, promises to tick all these boxes. This blog post delves deep into what you can expect from the Maruti Fronx in terms of safety, cost, and features, helping you decide if this is the right vehicle for you. Additionally, if you're considering upgrading from your current vehicle, platforms like CarInfo not only provide valuable insights but also offer services to buy and sell cars, making your transition smooth and efficient.

Introduction to the Maruti Fronx

Introduced by Maruti Suzuki, the Fronx is crafted to rival popular models like the Tata Punch and Citroen C3. Targeted towards the budget-conscious yet discerning Indian consumer, it blends modern design with cutting-edge technology and a strong focus on safety.

Safety Features of the Maruti Fronx

Maruti Suzuki doesn’t hold back when it comes to the safety of its vehicles, and the Fronx is no exception. Here’s a breakdown of its primary safety features:

  • Comprehensive Airbag System: The Fronx is equipped with up to six airbags in its top variants, covering front, side, and curtain airbags to protect passengers from all angles in the event of a collision.
  • ABS with EBD: This feature prevents the wheels from locking up during sudden braking, enhancing control and reducing stopping distances.
  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP): ESP helps to stabilize the vehicle if it detects a loss of traction, making abrupt maneuvers safer.
  • ISOFIX Child Seat Anchors: These provide secure and easy installation of child seats, protecting younger passengers.
  • Rear Parking Sensors and Camera: These systems help prevent collisions by alerting the driver to unseen obstacles when reversing.
  • Additional Safety Technologies: Traction Control System (TCS), Hill Hold Control (HHC), and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) are just a few of the advanced features that further enhance the safety and handling of the vehicle.

    Alongside these safety features, securing comprehensive car insurance is crucial in protecting your investment in the event of an accident or theft. Opting for a policy that covers a wide range of potential issues can provide peace of mind, allowing you to fully enjoy the capabilities of your Maruti Fronx with less worry.

What’s the Maruti Fronx Safety Rating?

Currently, the Global NCAP safety rating for the Maruti Fronx has not been released. This is a crucial piece of information that will significantly influence potential buyers, given Maruti Suzuki's previous challenges with achieving high safety ratings.

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Pricing and Key Specifications

Here’s what you need to know about the Maruti Fronx’s pricing and specifications:

  • Price: The Fronx starts at an attractive ex-showroom price of ₹7.46 lakh, making it a competitive contender in the mid-size SUV segment.
  • Engine Options: It offers a choice between a 1.2-liter petrol engine and a more powerful 1.0-liter turbo petrol engine.
  • Transmission Options: Available with either a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission, providing flexibility based on driver preference.
  • Fuel Efficiency: With an approximate mileage of 20 to 23 km/l, depending on the engine type, the Fronx is both economical and eco-friendly.
  • Dimensions and Technology: Measuring 3,995 mm in length and 1,775 mm in width, the Fronx provides a spacious interior. It also comes equipped with modern tech amenities like a touchscreen infotainment system, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and automatic climate control.

How It Stacks Up Against Competitors

The Tata Punch is known for its strong safety credentials, which sets a high bar for the Fronx. On the other hand, the Citroen C3 offers unique styling options that appeal to a niche market segment. The Fronx needs to prove itself in both safety and overall value to stand out.

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While we await the official Maruti Fronx safety rating, the SUV’s rich suite of safety features, competitive pricing, and promising specifications make it a strong candidate for anyone looking to buy a new car in India. Keeping an eye on upcoming safety tests and comparing the Fronx against its competitors will be key in making a well-informed decision. With everything it has to offer, the Maruti Fronx could very well be the next popular choice for drivers seeking a reliable, safe, and stylish SUV.


1. What is the safety rating of the Maruti Fronx?
-The Maruti Fronx has not yet been rated by Global NCAP or other safety assessment programs. It is equipped with several advanced safety features such as multiple airbags and ABS with EBD, which aim to provide significant protection.

2. What engine options are available for the Maruti Fronx, and what is their fuel efficiency?
-The Maruti Fronx offers two engine options: a 1.2-liter petrol engine known for efficiency and a 1.0-liter turbo petrol engine for higher performance. Both engines offer a fuel efficiency of approximately 20 to 23 km/l, depending on driving conditions.

3. How does the Maruti Fronx compare to its competitors like the Tata Punch and Citroen C3?
-The Fronx competes well with the Tata Punch and Citroen C3, offering comparable safety features and modern amenities. While the Tata Punch has a strong safety rating, the Fronx awaits its official assessment. The Citroen C3 offers unique customization options, but the Fronx may appeal more to those prioritizing engine performance and fuel efficiency.

4. What is the starting price and what variants are available for the Maruti Fronx?
-The Maruti Fronx starts at an ex-showroom price of ₹7.46 lakh. It is available in several variants, allowing buyers to choose based on their preference for engine type, interior features, and technology and safety enhancements.

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