Mahindra Bolero Pickup Review

Dec 18, 2020 3 min read
Mahindra Bolero Pickup Review

Mahindra Bolero Pickup is a rugged and solid vehicle for commercial purposes. It offers a reliable engine and good fuel efficiency.

Even with the lack of users for this kind of vehicle, Mahindra Bolero pick up finds its acceptance in commercial usage. Mahindra has created a market image gaining the acceptance and trust of a wider audience by equipping this pick-up with some user-friendly features.

Bolero pickup is a powerful commercial pickup from Mahindra which takes its inspiration from the company's best SUV seller-Bolero. It is not an ordinary pickup; it is equipped with a robust chassis. sturdy suspension and super strong axle.

The Pickup finds wide application for Market load, chicken carrier, agricultural produce, catering, food grains, fruits and vegetables, poultry, fisheries, event organizer, e-commerce, cash van, FMCG, pharmacy, parcel courier, LPG cylinders distribution, construction sites, mobile van, milk distribution, water distribution.


With its first look it looks a lot like Mahindra’s Bolero SUV, one of its most trusted and largely sold SUVs.   The pickup comes with the company’s signature grille which has a large air intake. Its top had an emblem embedded to it. This pickup also includes a unique style front bumper and a tough fender on its wheel arches providing it an ample cues of Mahindra aggressive stances.

Mahindra has maintained their signature, Hawk-Eye Headlamps to provide maximum visibility regardless of road conditions. The rearview mirrors are covered with matte black plastic which go very well with its overall persona.

Body wise, this pickup truck has a very simplistic monocoque chassis design along with a smooth deck and plenty cargo space.

Its engine has 63 bhp power to ensure smooth heavy load transportation. It also has a muffler innovation to lessen the backflow of exhaust gases entering the engine.

This vehicle has a quite high ground clearance of 195 mm that the company has provided a footboard. This vehicle has three variants, where the two comes with payload of – 1700 Kg and 1245 Kg and the third variant is available in BS6 compliant option. Mahindra has also added a strong chassis to carry its 9 feet extra-long loading bay.


The pickup continues to impress with its interiors which have comfortable leather seats, which can be reclined and adjusted .It has a well-toned and stylish cabin with power steering and mobile charging option.

The dashboard is provided with a minimalistic design and leather coated power steering. It offers a convenient in-cab storage space and sufficient amount of legroom for the drivers to ensure maximum comfort while traveling.

Additionally, the automakers have also kept under consideration the basic needs of drivers by including magazine holders .

The truck has a lockable glove box, floor mats and ELR seat belts, but there is no power window option.

Safety Features

In terms of safety and braking there is nothing special that Mahindra has added. The braking system has a large scope of improvement as it does not provide a powerful grip when the vehicle is loaded above 600 kg. An anti roll bar, given at the front is a good safety feature along with disc brakes in front and drum brakes in the rear. Apart from this the pickup has standard safety features such as standard seat belts and parking brakes.

The pickup has an anti-roll bar at the front end and a hydraulic double telescopic shock absorber at the rear end. The suspension has a rigid leaf spring with hydraulic double acting telescopic shock absorbers in front.

Engine Options

Mahindra Bolero pickup has a powerful 4-cylinder MDI 3200 turbocharged H engine which strictly adheres to BS IV emission norms. There is one more variant of this engine available which is MSI 2500 CNG engine, it also follows the same emission standards. This engine is joined with one reverse and 5 synchro meshed forward gearbox.


The price range for Mahindra Bolero varies from 9.17 Lakhs to 9.45 Lakh with the  lowest price model being, Mahindra Bolero Pick up CBC 1.7T  at 9.17 Lakh and the most priced model of Mahindra Bolero Pick up FB 1.7T priced at Rs.9.45 Lakh.

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