Know everything about how to pay your pending challans

Sep 30, 2021 2 min read
Know everything about how to pay your pending challans

Our traffic department is becoming more stricter and tech-savvy to nab traffic violators. Now traffic police can catch you easily for reckless driving through high-speed cameras. We also often break uncommon traffic rules we are not aware of. If you violate any traffic rule, you are legally liable to pay a challan.

Whether be it a signal jump, weaving through traffic, or driving over the speed limit, automated systems of traffic department now serve a challan on your registered phone number and address.

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How do I pay for the challan?

You have to pay the penalty to avoid further legal distress after you get a vehicle challan issued. Two ways to pay for traffic challan in India are online and offline.

Now let's understand how to pay for an challan online.

Online process to pay challan

Follow the steps mentioned below to make an online payment.

1. You must visit the respective official website for public transportation.

2. For example - Transport Department West Bengal has the website on which you can pay the fine when you live in West Bengal.

3. You have to choose to pay the violation penalty for the proper crime such as no car park, no seatbelt, no helmet, and many other charges

4. You can then select the offense and complete the necessary details

5. If you know this information, you will need to provide your registration number or the number for a parking violation, etc.

6. Details and the current unsettled amount will then be required

7. You can then make your online payment with a debit or credit card and validate your credit card by giving the necessary details via a random Captcha code.

8. You will receive a receipt for payment after your payment is finished.

9. You can also pay your vehicle eChallan with e-wallets such as Paytm.

10. You will receive an SMS confirming the payment for the vehicle eChallan after payment is completed successfully.

Offline process to pay challan

It is also very simple and easy to process offline eChallan payments. But the online process saves your time and energy, as you don't have to go to pay for it physically. But knowing the offline process is always good if you need to follow it some-day.

1. During the offline process, you can pay for your vehicle at any traffic police station near you

2. You should carry documents if you have received the document like Violation Letter

3. You can request the Traffic Police Officer to check former dues if you did not receive the traffic violations letter so that all fines can be paid on time.

4. The traffic officials can collect all information from their smartphones, where they can also see information on your previous dues.

5. It is wise to pay the penalty immediately.

CarInfo recommends everyone to always follow traffic rules to stay safe and avoid financial or legal hurdles due to traffic challans.

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