Jeev Milkha gets 63 pending challans for car sold in 2014

Oct 17, 2022 1 min read

International golfer Jeev Milkha, the son of Milkha Singh, has moved a local court seeking registration of a case against a car dealer and purchaser when he received notice for not paying 63 challans for a Mercedes car that was sold in 2014.

He's the owner of Mercedes Benz car which he sold in June 2014 to Nitin Jain, the director of Vibes Healthcare Limited via car dealer for Rs 35 lakh.

He received notice from a Delhi court regarding challan violations costing Rs 83,000, which have been arising since 2015.

The dealer said that all the documents at the time of sale and purchase of the vehicle were made and accepted by the buyer. But even after the purchasing of vehicle, the accused didn't transfer the registration of the vehicle.

However, the question here arises is that the diesel vehicle is more than 1o years old and should not be registered in New Delhi.

The golfer alleged that the buyer is not transferring the ownership intentionally in their name, which may lead to his name being dragged into false cases.

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