Jaguar and Land Rover ties up with Nvidia to build modern cars

Feb 18, 2022 1 min read
Jaguar and Land Rover ties up with Nvidia to build modern cars

Jaguar and Land Rover have chosen to collaborate with Nvidia on software-defined features to further improve automated driving and intelligent features.

It will help Jaguar and Land Rover to build some of the most sought-after cars in the world, while also improving the overall customer experience.

These vehicles will be built on a single computer architecture that provides software-defined services for ongoing customer value and new business models. Improved supply chain management with centralized computing and advanced features updated over the air.

The next step in this re-imagining of responsible, modern luxury will be to incorporate AI-powered functionality.

End-to-end intelligence

Vehicles from Jaguar and Land Rover will use NVIDIA AI exclusively in the future. This process begins in the data center. Both companies' engineers will employ NVIDIA data center technology to develop new automated driving features.

Developing and validating self-driving car technology requires a wide range of data center resources, from hardware and software to workflows. The use of NVIDIA supercomputers in DRIVE Sim offers the essential validation, replay, and testing in simulations to ensure safe autonomous driving.

Engineers can virtually collaborate, test, and validate these DNNs using high-fidelity synthetic data generation with NVIDIA Omniverse.

DRIVE Orin, a centralized AI computation platform, and all the safety and security systems networking and surrounding sensors in DRIVE Hyperion are all part of this full-stack solution that Jaguar Land Rover will employ in NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion.

NVIDIA and Jaguar Land Rover have some of the top software and AI engineers in the world, and they will continue to improve and support future vehicles.

A responsible future

By 2039, the carmaker intends to be carbon-neutral in its supply chain, products, and operations. With the development of intelligent vehicles and the use of NVIDIA's high-performance computing, Jaguar Land Rover ensures all road users' safety while also providing comfort and convenience for passengers. Due to the new era of modern luxury's focus on responsibility, Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will continue to inspire strong emotional attachments for decades to come.

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