Is your electric car really environmentally friendly?

Nov 14, 2021 1 min read
Is your electric car really environmentally friendly?

Electric cars are a potent weapon in the worldwide battle against climate change. Nonetheless, their effect widely varies according to country, and in some circumstances, they pollute more than the fuel model, according to data research.

According to research consultancy Radiant Energy Group statistics, EVs in Poland and Kosovo create more carbon emissions than EVs globally because grids rely on coal.

However, the conditions are better in other areas of Europe. However, the amount of carbon saved varies depending on the supply grid and time of day car charge.

Nuclear and hydropower-powered Switzerland saves 100 percent more carbon than petrol vehicles, while Norway, France, Sweden, and Austria save 98 percent, 96 percent, 95 percent, and 93 percent, respectively.

Cyprus comes in at 4%, Serbia at 15%, Estonia at 35%, and the Netherlands at 37%. According to data, an EV driver in Germany, Europe's top carmaker, saves 55 percent of greenhouse gases by using a combination of renewable and coal energy.

Since there is no renewable energy storage, the volume of carbon saved by driving an EV fluctuates depending on the time of day you recharge in countries with substantial solar and wind investments, such as Spain and Germany.

In gas or coal-powered grids, charging in the afternoon saves 16-18% more carbon than charging at night.

Before the COP26 summit 2021, the ENTSO-E and the EEA conducted research. It revealed how the auto industry's capacity to lower emissions is reliant on decarbonizing power networks and finding better techniques to store renewable energy, both of which are difficulties that many countries have yet to overcome.

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