India's first Thar with panoramic sunroof

Apr 15, 2022 1 min read
India's first Thar with panoramic sunroof

Nowadays, sunroofs have become a big feature in India. People opt to buy a higher variant so that they can get the sunroof. Therefore, a modification shop has added a sunroof in Mahindra Thar.

A clip is uploaded on YouTube in which a modified Thar has been shown with a panoramic sunroof. A small button has been placed between the centre AC vents. Also, there is a sunblind for the sunroof.

The car has been completely modified with side vents, multiple vertical slats, and a bonnet scoop. The front grille and headlamps have also been changed. The bumper without a winch cost Rs 25,000 and with the winch Rs 21,000. There are faux carbon fiber inserts on door handles, bonnet, outside rearview mirrors, and on the grille. A protective cover has also been installed on the alloy wheel to prevent it from theft.

Side steps make ingress and egress easier on the Thar which costs Rs 20,000. A rear tow hook that can tow 4 to 5 tonnes has also been installed and costs Rs 12,500.

The interior look has also been modified. It looks like Mercedes-Benz. An infotainment system has been installed that runs on Android. Moreover, the seats are wrapped in perforated leather.

Furthermore, the cost of modification will be Rs 12 lakhs if the owner gives his own Thar. The price of the vehicle that is shown in the clip is Rs 31 lakhs.

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