India may have a new toll-collecting system soon

Dec 13, 2022 1 min read
India may have a new toll-collecting system soon

The central government is now mulling the idea of bringing another important change in the country's highway toll collection process. The idea of replacing the conventional toll plazas with a camera-aided toll collection that can read number plate on vehicle. These camera will be known as Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR) cameras.

The MoRTH claims the main objective of setting the camera as it will decrease the waiting time of vehicles at toll plazas.

Toll collection in India is happening through FASTag, and people at toll plazas still feel the congestion.

How ANPR works?

ANPR will be installed, which will read the number plate of the vehicle and deduct the toll amount from the owner's bank account. This will capture the entry and exit points with cameras.

It will be able to read only those vehicles which are registered after 2019 and have company-fitted number plates.

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