Illegal car modifications that you should avoid

Apr 9, 2022 1 min read
Illegal car modifications that you should avoid

Vehicle modification is any change to your car in order to look them look more attractive. However, all modifications are not legal. Some modifications will put you in trouble. Therefore, today we have a list of illegal modifications that you should avoid.

Using pressure horns

The government has banned pressure horns to keep the safety of the environment as it creates nuisance. Loud noises can contribute to hearing loss, and are harmful to animals and birds. The noise range for horns has been fixed 93 dB and 112dB, under the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989. So, avoid using loud pressure horns that have an intensity higher than the fixed decibel.

Tinted headlights or taillights

The manufacturers provide clear glass on headlights and tail lamps as it passes the maximum light. People tint the glass area of tail lamps and headlamps and this will reduce the throw of light, resulting in low visibility at night.  Also, tinting rear stop lamps minimize the visibility of your car for rear vehicles.

Installing bullbars

Installing a bullbar is an illegal modification because it not only increases the weight but also blocks the airbag sensors. People installs the big crash guards and bullbars around the car, which is not right. However, you can install rear crash guards.

Installing loud silencers and exhaust pipes

Most of the people love their loud cars. For this, they change the exhaust pipes. However, this is illegal in India under the rule 120 of the Central Motors Vehicle Act (CMVA). It is because the stock exhaust has catalytic converters to regulate the emission norms and might cause noise pollution as well as air pollution.

Body lifting kits

Body lift kits raises the body of the vehicle and are meant to increase the ground clearance. Even if change the ride height, we don't make any changes to the alteration. However, a lift kit can be a problem and hence illegal in India.

These vehicle modification laws exist for a reason and there's a lot of careful consideration behind these rules.

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