Hyundai Verna Review

Nov 25, 2020 3 min read
Hyundai Verna Review

Hyundai Verna is popular for its punchy engine and performance on highways. Does it fare well in other departments? Let us find out.

The Hyundai Verna has been in India for over 14 years, and with each new version, it improves and becomes better. Every new Verna was decisively better than the last. New BS6-compliant engines (both petrol and diesel) will now power Hyundai Verna for the third generation this year and some tweaks within and outside are made.

With a new BS6 engine and a few cosmetic tweaks, we will find out in this article, what the Verna 2020 really has to offer.


As the new Verna is a facelift in the middle of its life, it's not a strong contrast to its predecessor. However, the new Verna looks fresh from the moment it enters the picture. First of all the new headlights with swept back LED projections now replace the conventional projectors on the pre-facelift. This is the first thing that will catch your eyes.

In addition to the smaller fog projector lamps, the visual impact is not only added but also better lighting particularly on the roads is provided. With respect to diesel, the grille has some visible tweaks but misses the bling of the 1.0 litre turbo gasoline engine. In side profile, Verna is fitted with chrome door sills and is largely unchanged by a cup-style c-sill with a built-in beltline that gives it some athletic silhouette. The back lamps are also slightly tweaked!  The Verna still retains this slender cut-axis from the back of the bumper, although it benefits enormously from the new proximity sensor.


Inside the new Verna, the 10.6 cm digital instrument cluster is the most eye-catching feature, which really adds to the cockpit character. Besides this, the infotainment system is updated with a bigger display preloaded from the newest mobile pairing platform from Hyundai, Blue-link which allows certain IOT functions and some information to be read via the app on the phone. Verna also gets a wireless charging port as well as two USB fast chargers in front. Apart from that, you still get black on beige dual-tone interior and cooled seats. The interior is blackened with red accents to convey intentions with their sporty offering.

The new Verna maintains its predecessor's familiar added value, with subtle changes which in some cases give a competitive advantage. The new Verna's cabin with futuristic digital dials that replace analog units is centered on the digital MIDI. The information display is also bigger.

Safety and Riding Experience

Verna has long been the equilibrium between ride and handling. Now the older car is significantly improved on riding. This version appears to have been even better than the vaguely lightweight of the predecessor with a steering wheel that weighs up much better. The result is a sedan that is as attractive as driving on the open road.

The only worry with Verna is the Nexen tires (15-inch) that seem to be persuaded by the low resistance. As a result, the brakes should breathe too hard and a scream and feedback should be met when ABS enters.  Hyundai has done a great job hiding this but the feeling of performance remains almost identical.

The car is equipped with almost all the safety features like ABS, airbags, and required safety sensors. All these features make this car a very safe car to drive.

Engine Options

The car has a brand new diesel engine with a 1.5-liter capacity, an output of 115 bhp that replaces the older 1.6 litre one, and a 125 bhp output. The twisting force remains the same at 250Nm. Contrary to what the spec sheet will tell you that does not really change the sense of performance.

From the above information, we can conclude that this car has a powerful engine that is able to give you good performance in extreme conditions as well.


Hyundai Verna's price begins at Rs. 9.02 Lakh and go up to Rs. 15.17 Lakh. Hyundai Verna is offered in 12 variants. The Verna base model is the E model and the Hyundai Verna SX is the top version, offered at a price of Rs. 15.17 Lakh.

In a nutshell, Hyundai offers a great blend of performance, features, and ride quality. It is a great car for driving enthusiasts.

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