Hyundai Tucson Review

Dec 14, 2020 3 min read
Hyundai Tucson Review

Tuscon is Hyundai's flagship SUV in the Indian market. It offers a long list of smart tech, creature comforts, and promises powerful performance.

Maintaining the style definition that Hyundai seems to get right every time, With Tucson, Hyundai is also maintaining the feel-good factor of style as well as the practicality, as it can easily accommodate up to five people along with the luggage. Hyundai Tucson lies in that uncommon area of both stylish yet family-friendly which very few cars seem to get right. It is spacious, as well as compact in design which makes it a go-to car and also increases its mass appeal.

Hyundai identifies Tucson as an important part of its product pyramid, thus it keeps updating and adding new features to the product. This is evident from its new facelift in 2020, the addition of the automatic gearbox and the diesel variant getting the AWD option are significant steps that show the commitment to keeping Tucson updated.

Hyundai Tucson is available in five variants in total: Two of them in Petrol(2.0 Petrol GL (O) AT, 2.0 Petrol GLS AT ), The other three of Diesel(2.0 Diesel GL (O), AT 2.0 Diesel GLS AT, 2.0 Diesel GLS AT AWD)


Hyundai Tucson is stylish in looks, smart in nature, and frugal in design. All these reasons make it long travel friendly. It is a long-termer car that is up for any terrain and goes long distances. It is wear and tear friendly and its compact nature allows you to drive it with confidence.

Hyundai Tucson is available in many colors with each of them makes it look glossy or suave, depending on your choice. One of the main features that pull you towards Tucson is the keyless entry and go, without pulling the key out from the pocket. It can be your shopping partner as the tailgate also unlocks automatically when the key is in proximity to the boot. Also, the wipers detect and clear the water automatically which is a helpful feature. The headlights also light up automatically when you drive in the dark. A very important feature is that the puddle lamps and the door handles light up automatically when you approach the car which makes it easier to detect them in the dark.

The ride quality of Tucson is also smooth and exquisite. The ability to ride on any terrain at any speed is based on the 225/55 R18 section tires. The tires are supported by the suspension of the Tucson which seems to absorb everything. So now you can ride it over huge crater-sized potholes or even do some off-roading and you will not break a sweat. Moreover, the body movement is so effortless that the passengers will not notice a thing.

Hyundai Tucson is available in four colors namely: Polar White, Typhoon Silver, Phantom Black, Starry Night.


Saying Tucson is spacious might be a bit of an understatement. It allows a total of five people to sit in comfortably and with relative ease. The boot space will surprise you as well as its capacity to fit everything in quite nicely. All the seats are comfortable and electrically adjustable which is a huge plus.

The Back seats also come with an adjustable and reclinable backrest which makes long-distance travel feel like a walk in the park. The leather-wrapped steering wheel is just the right size and the center console is uncluttered. The floating touchscreen has great usage and Hyundai has also added some physical buttons on the end of it to ensure more practical usage.

There is ample leg-space for the back seats for everyone. Along with all the extra space Hyundai has still managed to create enough headroom and adequate shoulder room for everyone. The middle seat among the three backseats also has a provision of a three-point safe-belt. Finally, if you want more backspace the 60-40 split seats can be folded down, which creates space for more luggage and adds to a long list of reasons stating why Hyundai Tucson is your best long trip companion.

Finally, the features included with Tucson are a full-size sunroof, dual-size climate control, wireless charger, tire pressure monitoring system, and various smartphone connectivity apps like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The eight-speaker infinity system sounds great.

Engine options

Hyundai Tucson has two variants as the Petrol engine comes with a capacity of 1999CC and the efficient yet powerful Diesel engine has a capacity of 1995CC. Making 182bhp at 4,000rpm and 400Nm at 1,750rpm, the 2.0-liter CRDi diesel engine puts out 11bhp. The new BS6 compliant oil burner, which is mounted by an electronic variable turbocharger(e-VGT), and the motor comes paired to a torque converter, is refined and silent while idling.


The pricing of Hyundai Tucson starts from a range of 26.09 Lacs to 36.02 Lacs. The prices of the petrol variants are lower as expected to the Diesel ones.

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