Hyundai Mobis to develop an automated system for parking in tight spaces

Dec 1, 2021 1 min read
Hyundai Mobis to develop an automated system for parking in tight spaces

Hyundai's Mobis Parking System (MPS), world's first urban Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) which would help drivers to park their vehicles in narrow streets.

The Mobis Parking System enables Reverse Assistance (RA), Remote Smart Parking Assistance (RSPA) and Narrow Space Assistance (NSA). These technologies are being tested at Hyundai Mobis Seosan Proving Ground.

By avoiding obstructions, the vehicle can drive themselves through MPS, drive backwards at a dead end where two cars are facing each other, drive through the revolving rate of an underground parking lot. These are possible just at the press of a button.

Narrow Space Assistance (NSA) is one of the main technology of this system. It needs just 16 inches of space on either side to drive through a narrow street by itself. The steering wheel and speed of the vehicle are controlled by itself.

Various other technologies integrated into the system including Remote Smart Parking Assistance (RSPA) which is capable of parking a car at a right angle when the driver is out of the car through a single press by a remote. To provide a better parking experience, 3D Surround View Monitor (SVM).

The car also gets Rear-autonomous Emergency Braking (R-AEB).

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