Hyundai could come with foldable steering wheel in future

Oct 16, 2021 1 min read
Hyundai could come with foldable steering wheel in future

After electric vehicles, Hyundai is set to make the experience of autonomous vehicles more comfortable. The company has revealed the supply of foldable steering wheel for use in future for two-year development process.

This wheel can only move forward and back by up to 25 cm, fully retractable and inserts into the dashboard when not in use to free up more space in front of the driver's seat. This innovation brings about design changes inside the cabin.

This new foldable steering technology has been developed using new parts which includes a reaction-force control device, steering column, and a sliding-rail mechanisms.

It also supports steering-by-wire system where the wheels receives signals, securing the system's reliability and durability. In this concept, there's a physical connection between the steering system and the tyres are exchanged by electric signals.

A set of sensors and electronic control unit (ECU) that are built to ensure that the car can continue to steer in case of an emergency.

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