How to Pay Your e-Challan Online?

Nov 9, 2019 1 min read
How to Pay Your e-Challan Online?

Now get your traffic challans on your mobile and pay your e-challan online through Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Website or PayTM. It also helps to keep track of the number of traffic violations including drunk driving, over speeding and jumping the red light among others.

In addition, different states and cities have rolled different websites for the payment of eChallans. All the websites across different regions have a similar procedure of payment.

Pay your Traffic eChallan through Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Website

  • Log on to
  • You can then check the challan status – using vehicle number, using challan number or using the driving licence number.
  • In case there is a valid e-challan against your credentials, the website will display the challan status and if it is unpaid, you will see the option for payment.
  • After you click 'Pay Now', the website will redirect you to your state’s e-challan website to finish the payment.
  • The challan can be paid using your credit/debit card or Internet banking.

Pay your Traffic eChallan through PayTM

If your eChallan is from Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Faridabad, Maharashtra, or Telangana, then you can conveniently make the payment through PayTM’s mobile app or website.

  • Just click on the eChallan payment page on Paytm (either app or website).
  • Select the relevant eChallan authority.
  • Enter your eChallan number, licence plate number, or a driving license number to search for your valid eChallans.
  • If there is an eChallan, it will show the details and provide the option to process the payment.

The traffic violation fines have gone up to ₹10,000 to ensure that more and more people follow traffic rules on the road. Drivers are rushing to get necessary documents complete to avoid hefty challans. The government has also enforced the e-Challan system to reduce paperwork and make traffic law enforcement system more efficient.

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