How to minimise your fuel bill?

Jan 10, 2023 1 min read
How to minimise your fuel bill?

Petrol and diesel prices are the major cause for motorists for raising their monthly expenses. However, some good practices can improve the fuel efficiency of vehicle which will eventually lower down the cost of a fuel.

Optimise your route

Reaching from one point to another may have multiple routes. However, it's important to choose the shortest and right one. This will save your fuel.

Conduct regular maintenance for vehicle health

A vehicle should be maintained well to keep it in best health. Regular checks and maintenance can give you desired mileage and saves a lot of money.

Maintain OEM prescribed tyre pressure

It can provide optimum fuel efficiency. Lower tyre pressure results in an overworked engine that consumes more fuel.

Stop unnecessary engine idling

Several motorists keep their engines idle while waiting for signal. It results in huge amount of fuel consumption. It can save a lot of fuel in long run.

Don't drive aggressively

Driving at optimum speed can save fuel and your precious money. If you apply more pressure on accelerator, it will increase fuel consumption.

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