How to maintain the electric car in lockdown

May 28, 2021 2 min read
How to maintain the electric car in lockdown

Our cars are standing indefinitely due to COVID-19 lockdown! While we are staying home to keep safe, our cars are gathering dust. Check out these tips to maintain your EV in lockdown.

The lockdown, however, makes life tough for everyone under the current circumstance. Your automobile is parked below, ready for you to go out onto the highway. However, there is a lack of information on keeping an electric vehicle running during this time.

Here are some helpful tips for keeping your Electric car in good shape throughout the lockdown.

Keep the car clean

Before storing an electric car for a lengthy amount of time, clean it like a petrol or diesel car. To avoid paint damage from the blazing heat, park your vehicle in a covered location or cover it with a vehicle cover.

Charge the high-voltage battery fully

The manufacturer recommends that the electric vehicle's battery be fully charged before it is parked permanently. Remember that whether you drive your vehicle or not, the battery will lose its charge over time. Please make sure the high voltage battery is charged between 10% and 80% while storing the EV without connecting it.

Keep the tyres inflated to the max

It will guarantee that the contact area with the road is as small as possible, lowering the likelihood of a flat spot. As you may know, a tyre loses air pressure over time. When it is time to drive the car, overinflating ensures that the pressure is precisely correct.

Use a standard charger instead of a fast charger. Experts suggest utilizing a standard charger if the automobile will be stationary for many days. It is the same one that comes with the vehicle as standard.

Continue to drive the car

You may try to either reverse it or park it somewhere else. It will keep the battery in excellent shape and avoid flat spots.

Cover your car with a cover

It is always advised to use a car cover since it will not only protect the vehicle from external causes such as sun rays, rain, and other elements, but it will also protect the vehicle from dust accumulating on the exterior. It will ultimately preserve the car's paintwork and chrome from damage.

The windshield wipers are also protected by covering the automobile since their rubbers are exposed to the direct heat of the sun and the acidic components in precipitation, causing them to wear out. The wiper arms should be maintained uplifted to avoid becoming stuck to the windshield and leaving a scratch on the glass.

Park in a safe place

The vehicle should be stored in a secure garage or on the grounds of the building. Keep the automobile in the shade or a covered area if possible. If it is not feasible, it is always advisable to keep it covered with a good car cover and in a safe place where it can be monitored from home.

Hope these tips will help in keeping your electric car safe and running during the lockdown.

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