How to keep electric car insurance premium lower?

Dec 12, 2022 1 min read
How to keep electric car insurance premium lower?

The premium rates of electric car vary from insurer to insurer depending upon the coverage. Let us tell you how you can keep the premiums low.

Purchase policy online

The first important feature for an electric car owner is to purchase the policy online. When the buyer opts for an online policy, he/she can compare various policies and chose the one based on their requirement.

Install anti-theft device

The insurance company sends an inspector to check the condition of the vehicle to be insured. If you install the anti-theft device in your car, then the insurer will provide you a certain amount of discount.

Do not raise small claims

The policyholder should not raise claims for minor changes as it increases the chances of getting NCB. Therefore, it is advised to pay for minor damage by yourself.

Utilize accumulated NCB

If you are an old insurance policyholder and have not raised a claim in your previous year then you must be having a certain percentage of NCB which can reduce the premium rates.

The cost of EV insurance can be minimised by choosing the right policy, comparing quotes of different companies.

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