Want to Save Money? Increase the Mileage of Your Car!

Dec 28, 2019 2 min read
Want to Save Money? Increase the Mileage of Your Car!

Very few drivers in India know that they can save a lot of fuel by changing their driving habits. Here are some simple measures you can take while driving to save fuel, money and the climate.

Petrol and diesel prices keep rising everyday in India. But your salary does not. You need to find a way to spend the same amount on your car fuel even with the raising prices.

You can do this by increasing the mileage of your car. And here are some very effective ways to do this.

Tip 1. Do not press the accelerator too hard.

Pressing the accelerator too hard increases the RPM and puts extra stress of the engine. This ends up in reducing the fuel efficiency. Therefore, it is not advisable to increase the speed rapidly at lower gears.

Tip 2. Keep the windows closed while driving.

Many drivers wrongly think that driving without AC and with open windows increases the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Open windows of the vehicle distorts the aerodynamic design of the vehicle. Heavy influx of air creates a drag that forces the engine to work harder to pull the vehicle. As a result, fuel efficiency of the vehicle drops.

Tip 3. Do not press the brakes abruptly.

Several vehicle owners have the habit to release clutch and apply brakes at the last moment. This takes up a lot of fuel and also spoils the brake pads. You should slowly release the accelerator and eventually bring the car to stop. In this process, engine stays idle for a few seconds and helps in increasing the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

!->! You can also put your car in neutral while descending from flyovers and slopes to save a lot of fuel. Also, drive smoothly in traffic and avoid speeding up unnecessarily as you won’t be able to overtake in heavy traffic.

Tip 4. Turn Off The Engine At Traffic signals.

It is common sense to turn off the engine at long traffic lights.

Tip 5. Maintain correct tyre pressure in tyres.

Make sure that the tyre pressure is right and equal in all the tyres.  Also, make sure the tyre is not completely worn out. Properly inflated tyres can increase the fuel efficiency of vehicle by up to 2 percent.

Tip 6. Remove unnecessary weight from the car.

A lighter car needs less power to run. Try removing unnecessary bags, accessories and other unwanted stuff from the car to make it lighter.

Tip 7. Use Higher Gears while driving.

Engine at higher gears runs more relaxed at lower RPMs. Try changing the gear when RPM reaches above 2,500 revs. Driving in the range of 2,000 to 2,500 RPM can help you churn out the best fuel efficiency from your car.

Golden Tip- Always get a full tank to increase your fuel economy.

Try these tips with your driving habits to notice the change in fuel efficiency of your car.

Happy Savings!

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