How to increase the life of your car

Jan 27, 2021 2 min read
How to increase the life of your car

Ignoring your car for all the wrong reasons can decrease its life drastically. Follow these tips to enhance the life of your car.

The average life of your car is around 15 years. However, it also depends upon how you drive and maintain your vehicle. If kept well, cars can last longer than 15 years. You can slow down the ageing of your car by taking care of a simple things and avoiding silly mistakes.

Here a few things that you shouldn't avoid.

Oil light warning

Do not drive your car with a red oil warning light on the instrument cluster. Check out the car engine oil level and if the level is below the required mark; top it up. Replace the engine oil if it is dirty or discolored.

Driving on low fuel

If you have the habit of driving on low fuel then now is the time to change it. Driving on low fuel also brings the slime and dirt particles to fuel injector and might clog them unexpectedly. Hence, it is advisable to always drive with at least quarter tank.

Rust spread

No matter how expensive a car you own, it can catch rust. Small rust spots might not look problematic at first but if ignored, they can become big and even create a cavity in the car's body. Keep a regular check on your car's body and fix the rust issues at an initial stage to avoid any big maintenance later.

Regular cleaning of the car can also help you control rusting. It will avoid accumulation of dirt and moisture on the car's surface.

Putting the wrong fuel - Petrol in Diesel or vice-versa

Accidently putting diesel in a petrol engine car or vice-versa can cease the engine of your car. Even if you put the wrong accidentally, turn off the engine immediately and empty the fuel tank. Clean fuel pipes and tanks thoroughly before refueling.

Drive gently

More revs means more stress on the engine. Rash driving will degrade the parts of your engine at a faster pace. Also speeding in the city means you will have to use brakes frequently which will burn out the brake pads earlier than expected. Rash driving will also burn out the treads of your tires at a faster rate. While you have the option to replace your tires and brake pads, you can't do the same with the engine of the car. Major maintenance of engine will also attract large costs.

Always keep these points in mind while driving to enhance the life of your vehicle.

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