How to drive an electric car in winters?

Dec 27, 2022 1 min read
How to drive an electric car in winters?

Fuel effeciency drop in winters, especially in extreme cold conditions. For electric vehicles, the lower effeciency translates into a lower range. The range drop in winters happens because the batteries work more efficiently when they are warm. Here are some important tips to drive cars in winters.

Charge when the EV is idle

Try to charge the EV when its idle, usually at night. This would ensure maximum efficiency of the battery and vehicle. This would allow more energy and range for the day when its recharged and left cold.

Pre-warm the car

Pre-warming a car means heating the car before start driving. It can also increase the temperature of your car's interior, since it is being heated with the power of a charging unit. Just make sure, when you pre-heat, it is plugged in as there's no point in drawing energy from battery, instead of grid.

Use regenerative braking

On snowy ice road, regenerative braking would ensure the car's speed in check. Also, it will top up the battery with energy generated when the brake is applied.

Maintain tyre pressure

Maintaining the optimum air pressure in tyres is key step to increase range in EV throughout the year. Even if the temperature falls in winter, tyre pressure will drop as much as 10 percent. Less air in tyre means higher drag in the vehicle.

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