DIY car maintenance: How to clean your car professionally

Nov 12, 2020 4 min read
DIY car maintenance: How to clean your car professionally

Keeping your car clean can enhance your driving experience significantly. Follow these pro-tips to clean your car like a professional.

Nothing is better than a clean and sparkling car. You must wash your car regularly to protect your vehicle from dirt and keep it looking good. This also avoids minor wear and tear, thereby maintaining the value of your car and keeping its life longer. With the right techniques and tools, it is easy to wash your car properly at home and get car wash like results.

Here are some important things that you should do to wash your car at home professionally.

# 1 Use the right cleaning tools

It is important to have the right cleaning tools to keep your car at its best. These include a hose (with Variable Nozzle), a soft sponge and/or car washing mitt, some liquid for washing, a wheel brush, a number of microfiber clothes and a microfiber towel for drying. Furthermore, an interior vacuum cleaner, gloves, wheel cleaner, towels and window cleaners are all useful tools.

Do not use hand soap or fluid to clean your car's exterior, or anything other than proper car wash detergent. Car wash products are specifically designed to provide ample lubrication to avoid scratching the paint of your car and are gentle enough so that existing paint is not removed.

Finally, two buckets are needed. This is of utmost importance. Rinse out a sponge in the clean bucket. Use one dirty water bucket and one clean water bucket to rinse the grim sponge thoroughly. After the sponge has been rinsed thoroughly, dip it in the soapy water and continue.

# 2 Weather is important

While on a warm and sunny day it seems tempting to wash your car but that's a common mistake. Your car tends to dry too quickly if you wash it in a warm and sunny weather. It is also more likely that your paintwork and your windows will get spots. Try to wash your car on a cloudy day so that it will not dry too fast. In addition, it's best to park your car in a flat and shady place, where you have ample space to open your doors fully.

# 3 Wheels Clean-up

It is recommended to start washing with wheels. While the majority of wheels require soapy water and good scrubbing, it could be a good idea to invest in a dedicated wheel or tyre cleaning product. The safest choice is water based, non-corrosive wheel cleaners suitable for all kinds of wheels. Also, don't forget to clean and scrub tyres outside or around the wheel nozzles.

# 4 External cleaning

It is now time to clean the rest of your car after your wheels are shiny and clean. But make sure that you wash the entire vehicle before starting scrubbing to remove loose dirt or debris that could otherwise scratch the surface of the car. Clean bird droppings, dead insects and tree sap because they can be very harmful to the paint of your car.

Once the car is thoroughly rinsed, wash it in sections, and systematically move from top to bottom: the roof, and window panels, followed by the top pans, followed by the middle doors and the shutter, bumper in front of the car, bottom panels, bottom part of the doors, and finally back bumper. Remember to use separate buckets while you regularly rinse your fibre tissue (or replace it when it gets too dirty).

The best way to use a hose without a nozzle when giving your vehicle a final wash is to drain the water slowly across the entire car in a sheeting action. You leave fewer places in this way. When the water evaporates leading to a weak mineral deposit. So it is just as important to dry your car properly as to wash it correctly. You can also use a large microfiber drying towel to remove most of the initial moisture. When the coach is fully dry, use the spray paint products to rejuvenate the shine of your existing paint.

# 5 Windows and glass clearing

Clean mirrors, windows and windscreens are aesthetically pleasing. If you have to twist to look out of your windscreens, and your mirror is covered with dust, it is difficult to be a safe driver. When cleaning your windows and glass, here are a few important things to remember.

The first point is to clean standard glass and tinted glass in different ways. Cleaning of untouched glass is quite simple-it should be done with a reliable combination of glass cleaner and paper towel. As always, remember to spray the cleaner straight onto the towel instead of on the surface of the glass. This prevents the spray to fall down and other surfaces to be damaged. In order to avoid damaging the film, un-tinted glass needs soapy water and a soft microfiber cloth. At the end, make sure that electrical connectors are not damaged as you clean things like side mirrors.

# 6 Interior cleaning

It's good to have a clean exterior, but your car probably won't be very fun to drive if your interior is dirty. First of all, remove any waste from the car and also remove all loose personal items to make sure it is not sucked in while vacuuming the car. The next step is a vacuum. Try to reach every corner, especially below the seats.

Use an electrostatic cloth to clean all the hard surfaces from dust and other waste. An ideal tool for cleaning air vents and other areas that are difficult to reach, is the electronic cloth.

# 7 Keep your car clean

No matter how much you clean your car it will inevitably get dirty again. However, if you take some precautionary measures, you can ensure that your car stays as clean as possible.

Try to avoid parking beneath the trees (especially in fall) or where birds collect, since bird droppings can be difficult to remove and time-consuming. In addition, common sense is crucial when it comes to keeping the interior clean. Obviously, avoid unpleasant food and drink and remove any unpleasant debris.

The most important advice to wash your car at home is: wash your vehicle more often than you are doing now. Think about it as follows: the dirtier your car gets, the harder it is next time to clean!

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