How to Instantly Get Your Car’s Service History with CarInfo: A Complete Guide

May 6, 2024 3 min read
How to Instantly Get Your Car’s Service History with CarInfo: A Complete Guide

Whether you're considering buying a used car or just want to keep a comprehensive record of your current vehicle, understanding its service history is crucial. CarInfo provides a seamless and efficient solution to access detailed service history that can help you make informed decisions. Here’s your complete guide on how to instantly retrieve your car’s service history with CarInfo.

Step 1: Visit CarInfo Website/App

Start by navigating to the CarInfo website. This platform is designed to offer you a straightforward approach to obtaining vital information about your vehicle’s past servicing.

Step 2: Enter Your Vehicle Number

To initiate the process, simply input your vehicle’s number in the designated field. This number is critical as it helps CarInfo fetch the specific history of your car.

Step 3: Provide Your Mobile Number

After entering your vehicle number, you will be asked to provide a mobile number. This number is essential as it is used to send you updates about your order and the final report.

Step 4: Confirm and Pay for Your Order

For standard vehicles, CarInfo offers this comprehensive service at a competitive rate. If you own a luxury car, the service is available at a premium price of ₹1399. Payment can be made through various online methods available on the website.

What’s Included in the CarInfo Service History Report?

Comprehensive Service Records
Gain access to detailed records of all maintenance and repair work your car has undergone, including KM readings and the type of services performed.

Detailed Parts Replacement Data
Find out exactly which parts were replaced during each service. This section of the report provides insights into the replacements and reasons behind them.

Odometer Reading Verification
The report includes an odometer reading to help you verify the actual mileage of the car and check for any discrepancies or tampering.

Accident History and Details
Discover if the car has been involved in any accidents or suffered from significant damages such as flooding, which can affect the car’s value and functionality.

Benefits of Using CarInfo

Authentic Information
Receive a genuine report sourced directly from OEMs and authorized service centers, ensuring that you get accurate and reliable data.

Privacy Guaranteed
Your personal information and car records are kept confidential, offering you peace of mind regarding the security of your data.

24/7 Support
CarInfo App dedicated team is available around the clock to assist you with any queries related to your order, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Transparent and Fair Pricing
Enjoy clear, competitive pricing without any hidden fees, making CarInfo a value-for-money service.

Additional Features of CarInfo

RC Search
Easily check your vehicle registration details using the RC search feature. This is essential for verifying the registration status and authenticity of a vehicle’s documentation.

Stay updated on your vehicle’s insurance status. CarInfo allows you to check the insurance details and get your car insurance at the affordable prices, that helping you ensure that your vehicle is always covered and compliant with regulations.

RTO Services
Access various RTO-related services, from checking driving license details to verifying vehicle registration directly through CarInfo. This feature simplifies dealing with RTO paperwork and saves you time.

E-Challan Status
Check and manage any e-challans issued against your vehicle. This feature helps you stay informed about traffic violations and ensures that all your dues are cleared promptly.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Once you receive your car service history report, you can access it anytime and from anywhere. Keep it handy for future reference, especially if you plan to sell the vehicle or need to discuss past repairs with a mechanic.

Using CarInfo to get your car’s service history is not just about understanding what repairs have been done; it's about empowering yourself with knowledge to make better decisions whether you're buying, selling, or maintaining a vehicle. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a comprehensive view of your car’s health and history, all through a few clicks at CarInfo.

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