Do You Know How To Change A Flat Tyre?

Dec 20, 2019 2 min read
Do You Know How To Change A Flat Tyre?

Every driver may get a flat tyre someday. It is essential to know how to change a punctured tyre in the middle of the road. Do you know how to change a tire?

You can face a flat tyre at a lonely highway or an empty road at night. If you do not know how toHere is the step-by-step guide to change your tyre.

1. Park the Car Safely on Road Side.

When you realise that you have a flat tyre, do not panic or apply brakes abruptly. Gradually slow down the car while scanning the road to find the right spot to park your car. If you are unable to find a parking space, look for a straight stretch of the road with wide shoulders to park your car safely.

2. Apply Parking Brakes and Turn On Parking Lights.

Turn your parking lights on to ensure that your vehicle is visible to the other drivers from a long distance. It is important to apply parking brakes while changing the tyres to stop the vehicle from rolling off. You do not want your vehicle to roll out when one tyre is not attached to the car. You can also consider using bricks or large stones to further ensure that the car stays at its spot.

3. Loosen the Lug Nuts.

Use the lug wrench to rotate lug nuts counterclockwise until they loosen up. If you are unable to rotate them with your arms, you can use your foot or bodyweight. Do not remove them completely as you haven’t place the jack yet.

4. Place the Jack Under your Car to Lift It Up.

Try placing the jack exactly under the vehicle frame alongside the flat tyre. Several cars come with moulded plastic on the bottom specifically marked to place the jack. Make sure that the jack is placed at a flat and hard surface. Lift the jack safely until the tyre is at least 6 inches above the ground.

5. Remove the Flat and Mount the Spare Tyre.

Unscrew the lug nuts and remove the flat tyre. Now mount the spare tyre on the lug bolts, and place the lug nuts on the bolts. Rotate them clockwise to make the tyre stay in its place.

6. Lower the Vehicle.

Lower the jack until the tyre touches the ground completely. Tighten the lug nuts as much as possible to ensure the tyre is firmly attached to lug bolts. Remove the jack from under the vehicle and wheel wedges from tyres.

And now your are good to go!

It is better to know how to change a flat tyre, even if you do not need to do it. Knowledge never goes waste.

Happy Driving!

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