How to challenge your e-challan? Everything you need to know

Feb 22, 2022 1 min read
How to challenge your e-challan? Everything you need to know

Many vehicle owners who have been dealing with traffic challans issued wrongly may now challenge it. The traffic police receives multiple complaints regarding e-challans issued wrongly or fine paid, but the e-challan remains in effect.

E-challan is based on the prosecution through an automatic camera system that scans a violating vehicle's number plate, matches it to a database, and then sends a message to the offender's phone under Section 208 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1998.

For those who do not challenge the fine and plead guilty, need pay it online within the stipulated time frame. Alternatively, they have the option to challenge the fine via the web portal.

The Indian Judicial System has used the coronavirus outbreak to improve its virtual court infrastructure. Virtual challans can now be challenged by traffic offenders.

How to challenge an e-challan?

To dispute a challan, you can visit your nearest Traffic Cell and explain the situation. You can produce documents supporting your claim. Also, sending an email or calling the traffic cell may help your case.

If you are asked to appear in the court for the challan, you can raise an objection and dispute it. Before doing so, make sure that you have enough evidence to support your argument.

Chassis number, your GPS location, vehicle registration number, ownership documents, etc. are some proof that can work in your favour if you have been fined wrongly by the police.

You can also contact the helpline number of the police or email all the information to request the cancellation of challan.

Several traffic police department including Delhi Police have a strong presence on social media where you can contact them.

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