How To Apply For A Driving License: Online & Offline Modes

May 4, 2019 2 min read
How To Apply For A Driving License: Online & Offline Modes

Like everything else in our lives, even applying for a driving license in India has become a fairly easy thing to do.

You are free to either make use of the internet to fill your application, or you can directly go to a Regional Transport Office (RTO) to get a physical form and fill it out.

Online Mode

You can directly apply for a license from your desktop while sitting on your couch itself. The online procedure of application is very neat and convenient. You just need to follow the steps below:

  • Open your state's RTO website in your desktop/laptop, and then navigate to the driving licence application page.
  • Fill in the details as mentioned in the application form, and then click submit.
  • You will have to pay a fee related to your form after that.
  • In case you are a minor, you would need to fill out an extra form given on the website.
  • After the successful submission of your form, you would be asked to upload your relevant documents on the website. These documents would act as identity and address proofs.
  • Consequently, an application number will be allotted to you, along with the date and time of your necessary driving test.
  • Keep the application number safe, and visit the RTO on the day of your driving test.

Offline Mode

It is alright to go old school too. The steps to be followed differ slightly in this case:

  • Visit the RTO of your area, and get a physical motor driving licence application form.
  • Complete the form and attach the list of documents mentioned along with it. Your passport-sized photographs will also be needed.
  • Submit the form to the officer in-charge at the RTO.
  • Then book a time slot for your driving slot and pay the related fees at one of the windows.
  • Visit the office again on the day of your test. You will undergo a basic test to confirm your skills and expertise of driving.

When you pass the test,

Your application is approved, and you are allotted a driving license. The RTO is responsible for the delivery of your license at your registered address.
Wasn't it a piece of cake to get a permit for driving? Happy Driving!

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