How tires affect your electric car's performance

Mar 8, 2022 1 min read
How tires affect your electric car's performance

Tires are easy to ignore since they are so durable and low-maintenance. The following are a few of the most significant ways tires may impact the range of an electric car.

Underinflated tires

Driving your EV on underinflated tires can reduce rolling resistance and hence efficiency, reducing the range of your EV by several hundred kilometers. Simply stick a coin or penny into the tread to see if the pressure is enough or needs to be increased.

Using EV tires not designed for your car

Your electric car's tires were probably designed specifically for it. Determining the vehicle's characteristics may help determine the tire's noise profile, durability, grip, and rolling resistance.

If you desire greater performance or wear rating from a pair of tires than your OE (original equipment) fitting permits, keep in mind that there may be tradeoffs.

It's always a viable option to consider a different tire than the ones that came standard with your EV, but it's crucial to spend some time researching to find one that matches your demands. However, the tires fitted by the manufacturer have typically undergone extensive testing and development to optimise for that specific EV—are generally the best option.

Using non-EV tires

Everyone wants to save money, mainly to get the same product for less money. On the surface, two tires may seem to be similar. EVs have different rolling resistance rules than ICE cars.

Changes in tire rolling resistance directly and significantly impact the total electric vehicle range—about three times the effect on a conventional fuel vehicle.

So, as simple as it is to overlook your electric vehicle's tires, it's important to ensure that you not only pick the perfect tire for your electric car but also maintain the tires.

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