Honda Activa owner pays Rs 15.44 lakh to buy '0001' number plate

Apr 19, 2022 1 min read
Honda Activa owner pays Rs 15.44 lakh to buy '0001' number plate

Fancy vehicle registration numbers are common in India. People have spent thousands to purchase special number plates for themselves. Brij Mohan, the owner of the Activa scooter bought this VIP number plate CH-01-CJ-0001 by paying Rs 15.44 lakh. However, the scooter costs him Rs 71,000.

He bought this in a recent e-auction held by the Chandigarh Registration and Licensing Authority bidding the highest value.

Mohan said that this is the first time that he bought a fancy number and also clarified that he will be using this fancy number plate in the future for his car, which he'll purchase later on. He will transfer the number for that car by paying a nominal fee.

The auctioning of the fancy numbers for the new series CH-01-CJ was conducted from 14th-16th April 2022. It is being reported that around 378 fancy numbers were auctioned which fetched around Rs 1.5 crore. While the most costly number was bought by Mohan, other expensive number plates include '0007' and '0003', both valued at Rs 4.4 lakh and Rs 4.2 lakh.

All the numbers were given against a reserve price and bidders have to pay the remaining amount within a month from the auction or will incur a fine of Rs 10 percent of the original amount. Whereas, the reserve price for Mohan's number was Rs 50,000.

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