Heavy challan for modifying these parts. Check out

Oct 18, 2022 1 min read
Heavy challan for modifying these parts. Check out

In this modern age, you must have often seen people modifying the vehicle. However, did you know that you can change only some parts of the vehicle. To gain separate attention, people generally make their cars stand out from the car. Minor modifications will not break transport rules like leather seats or alloy wheels. But there are many parts that are illegal to replace and can face heavy challans.  

Colored or Stained Glass

Putting colored glass on the vehicle is a violation of traffic rules. Traffic police catches this crime easily and collects a lot of fine from the people. As per the law, your car must have 75% visibility for rear window, and 50% for side windows.

Fancy Horn

You must have heard that the sound of fan horn in trucks or cars. If a fancy siren and pressure horn is installed in the vehicle, a police can stop you and impose a hefty fine.

Car Silencer

Youngsters are fond of adopting fancy silencers which are available in the market. They feel that the sound coming from these vehicles are different from others. However, doing such things directly can cause you a hefty fine.

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