Hand sanitizer causes fire inside the car

May 18, 2021 1 min read
Hand sanitizer causes fire inside the car

Hand sanitizer is saving lives in this pandemic but it can be a lethal combination with smoking in your car. Here is why.

Usage of hand sanitizer has become mandatory due to COVID-19 virus. Even while driving, some of us prefer sanitizing our car and hands to stay away from the deadly virus. However, obsession of anything may lead to something more dangerous.

Can a car go up in flames due to hand sanitizer? Well it can! Handle with care. A man in Maryland, US, noticed a car driver left burnt from flames in the car after he used a hand sanitizer while smoking in the front seat of his car.

As per the reports, as soon as the driver sprayed hand sanitizer while smoking, it instantly ignited the whole car into large flames.

The viral video of the incident shows the car burning in flames in the open parking lot as firefighters come to control the damage. Fortunately, driver escaped with just minor burns.

Pete Piringer, a spokesperson for The Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, Tweeted, "Vehicle fire; cause, a driver using hand sanitizer & smoking a cigarette, which is a bad combo in an unventilated area like a car; total loss."

He also shared the video that shows the car engulfed in flames.

In another post, the spokesperson wrote that the onlookers managed to call 911 in time while the driver escaped safely from the vehicle.

"Hand sanitiser & lighted cigarette start a fire in an occupied car. The driver was able to escape the vehicle while onlookers called 911. The patient suffered from NLT 1st & 2nd-degree burns on his hands & inner thighs & transported to hospital," wrote Piringer.

It is also advisable to not leave hand sanitizer in the car during hot weather as it may catch fire due to rise in the temperature.

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