The government is planning a 'Super' app for all vehicle services

Sep 30, 2021 1 min read
The government is planning a 'Super' app for all vehicle services

The government is preparing to introduce a 'Super' app that would serve as a 'one-stop-shop' for all government vehicle-related problems. The National Informatics Centre (NIC) is creating the app to relieve car owners of navigating through several state transportation agencies' websites. Additionally, users will not need numerous applications since they can access various features inside one app.

Be it car ownership or driving license-related services, the app will provide solutions for all such requirements across states with vehicle owners with a single sign-in.

The 'Super' app includes a variety of features and services.

  • Vehicle owners may use the 'Super' app to pay taxes, transfer ownership, change their address, get duplicate RC/fitness/permits, hypothecation, and issue of NOCs.
  • Similarly, the app includes other driver-related services such as online challan payment, acquiring a learner's license, new driver's license duplicate license, renewal, and international driving permit acquisition.
  • Most importantly, the app will have a provision for storing all papers related to the car and driver. Additionally, enforcement agencies will establish a legal provision recognizing the validity of all such stored documents.

In an interview, Neeta Verma, director-general of NIC, said the new app's objective or focus is to offer all vehicle-related solutions on a single platform.

"This will need a one-time registration," she quoted as adding. "We will provide a mechanism for users to get updates about the renewal of papers and upcoming payments. The application will be accessible in many languages. We will first make it available in English and Hindi."

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