Google Maps Gets A COVID-19 Update; Will Warn Users About Travel Restrictions

Jul 9, 2020 1 min read
Google Maps Gets A COVID-19 Update; Will Warn Users About Travel Restrictions

As a part of its latest update, Google Maps has got new features to help its users fight with COVID-19 pandemic more efficiently. The navigation application will now warn its users of crowded spaces. The tech giant has announced that this unique feature will simplify the complications of reaching from one place to another safely.

Public Transport Section

In Google Maps’ public transport section, users see all the crucial information including government mandates that could impact public transport in that area. For instance, if the government has made it compulsory to commute in public transport with a mask then that information would reflect on Google Maps.

Business Related Updates

Google Maps has also enabled businesses to make crucial updates to their listing. For instance, businesses can now mark the businesses as “Temporarily Closed” or open only for delivery and takeaway.

COVID-19 Facilities

You can now also search for COVID-19 testing centers and hospitals that are providing treatment for COVID-19 patients.

Google has rolled out these features in a limited number of countries including Brazil, India, France, Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Columbia, Netherlands, Mexico, Thailand, Spain, the USA, and United Kingdom.

These new features will surely help commuters to travel safely and easily find facilities amid extraordinary times of COVID-19 pandemic.

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