Get ready to pay more for Maruti models from April

Mar 24, 2023 1 min read
Get ready to pay more for Maruti models from April

Maruti is all set to increase the prices of its models from April, 2023. The company has announced that the prices of its model will be increased due to rising inflation, and regulatory requirements. However, the company hasn't revealed the amount of rise in the prices as of now.


While, the company is doing their best to reduce the losses and partially offset the increase, it has now become important to pass on some of the price to increase some of the expenses.

Due to the steady increase in input costs, many automobile companies have been rising their prices frequently. Additionally, India is set to launch Bharat Stage 6 regulations from the coming month that will add to costs by requiring automakers to equip their vehicles with an emissions testing system.

Vehicles should have an on-board self-diagnostic system starting on April 1 in order to track the driving emission levels in real time. The device will constantly monitor key elements for meeting emission standards.


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